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The conference will be officiated by Dato' Prof. Dr. Asma,
Director General, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Taylor’s University welcomes you to its 7th Teaching and Learning Conference (TTLC2014).

This year, the conference aims to promote sharing of knowledge and experience, engagement and collaboration among educators, researchers and practitioners in holistic education. In recent years, there has been an emerging movement to emphasize teaching and learning approaches which integrate the whole human being – mind, heart and spirit -in higher education circles.

By placing this topic at the heart of the conference, TTLC2014 seeks to encourage and explore a rich interplay of theories, research, practical proposals for action and success stories on holistic education. The conference will offer an avenue for a rich and practical exchange of approaches and vital evidence-based practices taking place in various campuses the world over. More importantly, opportunities for collegiality and conversation about the complex challenges in bringing about a holistic education environment in higher education institutions will work towards fostering greater understanding and insights in avoiding the pitfalls that comes with rolling out holistic education.

TTLC2014 invites delegates to dwell on this topic, in a wide spectrum, through considerations of the conference themes and sub-themes.

Conference Highlights:
  • Exposure to holistic and contemplative teaching and learning practices;
  • Interactive workshops to maximize collegial connections, collaboration, and professional inquiry;
  • Engagement in curriculum, program, and policy development;
  • On-site visitation to Garden International School which follows holistic principles;
  • Interesting local tours to Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia and Malacca, a UNESCO world heritage site, with a rich trading history and multicultural heritage.
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